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Want to be sofa smart?

Sofas, couches, love seats, divans and the whole family of lengthy cushioned seating options have a huge impact on the look and feel of your room. You want them to be comfortable and functional without sacrificing style. If you’re in the market for a new piece, looking to reupholster a beloved item, or just trying to figure out how to talk about these things intelligently, read on.

We are going to share information from Martha Stewart Living to break down six classic sofa styles to help you choose for your home and personal style.


This is an easy one to spot, even if you’re just in your early stages of becoming a sofa aficionado. The rolled arms that always match the height of the back is “at home in a library” according to our source material. This is a great blend of formal elegance while still being cozy and practical. You do want to pay special attention when making decisions on upholstery as they can look odd if the right material isn’t chosen. We can help with that.

MID-CENTURY We are seeing a mid-century revival these days. Perhaps it’s the popularity of Mad Men on Netflix or just the way old trends can always be trusted to resurface, but 70s décor is back with some new colors. If you have your heart fluttering over candlepin legs, clear domed coffee tables, and a mustard and moss color pallet, you may have found your match with a mid-century sofa.

The signature look comes from the “low profile, high back, and squared arms.” The “clean lines and good back support” are strengths of this style while some complaints lie with the low to the couch cushions. It’s all about what you prefer.

CAMELBACK Also known as a Chippendale, there’s a sweet romance to the classic and elegant look of this style. The back and arms all have a signature curve that you may cling to or run from. Tall people want to test them before purchasing due to the shallow seats. Not great for snuggling.

ENGLISH ROLL ARM This sofa style is also known as a Bridgewater and is a top pick for anyone looking for soft arms and cushions. Those famous cushions are also to blame for the primary drawback of this style; difficulty standing back up. If you’re one who feels sucked into couches and are not a fan of it, you may want to opt for something that allows you to stand up a little easier. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the quality of the product as arm placement can have a huge impact on the stability and longevity of an English Roll Arm.

TUXEDO The Tuxedo is “boxy but tailored, the back and arms are always the same height.” This is a great option if you’re hoping to elevate a smaller space.

LAWSON See how the back cushions form a loose T shape over the rolled sock arms? That’s how you spot a Lawson. This is a particularly versatile option if you’re hoping to find that blend of classic design and practical comfort. If you can picture yourself reading in a silk robe or hosting a pillow fort sleepover this sofa may work for you

Want to talk about the best materials for each style, what to consider when selecting fabric, and why quality couches are important for your life? Reach out!

Thank you to the writers of Martha Stewart Living for the original article quoted and referenced in this blog.

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