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In The Tradition: Horse Hair vs. Foam Or... Traditional vs. Modern

Sometimes in our “modern world” we try to go faster and seek alternatives that move away from how our predecessors did things.

A few examples at left (A) of the European style using a variety of densities of foam and layering to feel as close to horsehair as possible. In view B. I am showing the traditional horsehair method: horsehair stitched down, providing a dense base, another layer of hair is attached with ‘Bridle Ties’ then covered with muslin, a layer of table felt cloth, then the decorative cover fabric. View C. shows a chair back in the French style traditional way with sharper corners and tighter stitching.

In Europe there are schools that still teach the traditional methods. You can really feel the difference, the longevity is incredible, and the hair is reusable. This is as green as it gets! In Europe the very nicest and finest projects are still done in the traditional way. We offer this here in Vermont. -- Freddie

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