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Reasons to Choose Upholstery

1. It’s a Skilled Trade. Upholstery combines art, science, math, and history with instinct and vision. Each upholstered piece is the result of the thoughtful application of centuries of knowledge, innovation and experience.

2. It Supports the Local Economy. You keep your money in the community and you’re contributing to a self-sufficient and culturally vibrant place to live.

3. Waste Reduction. Invest in quality furniture by giving it new life and keeping it out of the landfill.

4. Heirloom Restoration. By breathing new life into a treasured piece you are ensuring that heirlooms remain useful and beautiful.

5. Customization. Creating an ideal piece just for you! An upholsterer can refresh a piece tailored to your space, budget and aesthetic.

6. Quality Materials. An upholsterer will be able to provide you the highest quality materials according to your needs. The offerings based on longevity and function as far superior to the mass produced options in today’s marketplace.

7. Artistry. The magic begins when experience is combined with love and science matched with flair and creative thinking! --Freddie

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